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Mar 9th, 2009


Twitter is a growing tool for personal, business, and educational conversations. Not surprisingly, many schools, educators, and other educational entities have jumped on the bandwagon, and they have lots to share. Check out this list to find some of the best educational sources on Twitter today.


Find school news, updates, and research through these Tweeters.

  1. @coloradodaily: You’ll learn about the University of Colorado and Boulder at large from Colorado Daily.
  2. @UH_News: UH News is the official Twitter source for news about the University of Houston.
  3. @OpenUniversity: The Open University offers university education to everyone, and shares tips, news, and developments through this Twitter stream.
  4. @JohnsHopkins: Johns Hopkins shares news from the University, research, and beyond.
  5. @UofMaryland: Learn about research, university developments, and more from UofMaryland.
  6. @vtnews: Get campus updates, news, and information about Virginia Tech through @vtnews.
  7. @ESPP: ESPP reports on environmental science and policy research at Michigan State University.
  8. @HarvardU: Follow @HarvardU, and you’ll learn the latest about Harvard University.
  9. @everest_college: Check out tweets from Everest College to find college updates, educational technology news, and more.
  10. @ClemsonTigers: Read instant news and updates from all of the top Clemson Tigers sites on this Twitter stream.
  11. @UTAustin: @UTAustin delivers news about the University of Texas at Austin.
  12. @RMIT: Learn the latest about RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia from @RMIT.
  13. @maysbusiness: Learn more about the Mays Business School at Texas A&M from @maysbusiness.
  14. @DrexelNews: Find speakers, events, and more from @DrexelNews.
  15. @LondonU: Follow @LondonU to learn about the latest from the University of London.
  16. UniofBath: You’ll find news from the University of Bath in England here.
  17. @KeeleUniversity: Find news, updates, and events from Keele University here.
  18. @CoventryUni: Follow CoventryUni to find educational news, events, campus news, and more.
  19. @LifeAtPurdue: If you’re interested in what’s going on at Purdue, be sure to follow LifeAtPurdue.
  20. @AstonUniversity: Read educational articles, research, campus news, and more here.
  21. @GVSU: Grand Valley State University’s tweets aim to educate students in order to shape their lives, professions, and societies.
  22. @cornellnews: Get news from Cornell University and research from this Twitter stream.
  23. @casenews: Learn about developments at Case Western Reserve University here.
  24. @OhioState: The Ohio State twitter stream highlights students, faculty, events and more from Ohio State.
  25. @warwickuni: Follow Warwick University for updates on campus events, association news, educational resources, and more.
  26. @univmiami: Get updates on developments from the University of Miami here.
  27. @pennstatelive: Find tweets full of news about Penn State in this Twitter stream.
  28. @ohiou: You’ll find university news and related items on Ohio University’s Twitter.
  29. @USCedu: Read the latest news from the University of Southern California through this Twitter stream.
  30. @UOregonNews: UOregonNews offers updates from the Office of Media Relations at the University of Oregon.
  31. @MissouriSandT: Follow this Tweeter to learn about science and technology developments at Missouri University.
  32. @k_state_news: On this Twitter timeline, you’ll get a look into news from Kansas State.
  33. @AuburnU: You can stay on top of the events, research, and more at Auburn through this Twitter stream.
  34. @UABNews: Follow UABNews to learn about research at this university and health care center.
  35. @MarquetteU: Get updates from Marquette in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and learn how to be the difference.

Publishers, Libraries & Librarians

These Twitter timelines will keep you updated on the latest in educational libaries and publishing.

  1. @librarycongress: Follow the activities of the largest library in the world through @librarycongress.
  2. @chriskeene: Chris Keene of the University of Sussex Library is on a mission to read the Internet (again).
  3. @LibraryJournal: Get book reviews, library news, and more from Library Journal staffers.
  4. @yalsa: Read @yalsa to get updates from the Young Adult Library Services Association.
  5. @yalescilib: Get news from the science libraries at Yale here.
  6. @heyjudeonline: Judy O’Connell wants to transform education and libraries.
  7. @OkStateLibrary: Follow @OkStateLibrary, and you’ll get news from the Oklahoma State University Libraries.
  8. @Librarian: This tweeter works to "reach the parts other libraries have yet to reach."
  9. @msauers: Michael Sauers discusses technology innovation in libraries.
  10. @LJBookReview: Get book reviews and book news from the editors at Library Journal.
  11. @sljournal: Get reviews on children’s and young adult material from the School Library Journal.
  12. @uncw_library: Follow developments at the Randall Library at University of North Carolina, Wilmington through @uncw_library.
  13. @eagledawg: Nikki D is an academic medical librarian obsessed with health informatics.
  14. @alscblog: Follow @alscblog to get updated on the Association for Library Service to Children.
  15. @ScrantonLibrary: The Scranton Library encourages followers to check out books.
  16. @utpress: This Tweeter offers news from Canada’s oldest and largest scholarly publisher.
  17. @UMinnPress: Read updates from University of Minnesota Press, publisher of groundbreaking work in social and cultural thought, critical theory, media studies, and beyond.
  18. @yalepress: Follow one of the oldest and largest American university presses through @yalepress.
  19. @DUKEpress: Read Duke Press’ Twitter to find out how they are disseminating knowledge beyond the University.


Professors, deans, and more have lots to offer on Twitter.

  1. @therefore: Dean Terry is a professor in the School of Arts & Humanities at University of Texas at Dallas, teaching new media and emergent communications.
  2. @jmilles: Read tweets from James Milles, a professor of law at the SUNY University at Buffalo Law School.
  3. @drkent: Dr. Kent Gustavson stays busy as a PhD classical composer and a professor at two New York universities.
  4. @lauranicosia: Check out Laura Nicosia’s Twitter timeline to read the thoughts of an English professor and Director of English Education at Montclair State University.
  5. @BarbaraNixon: Barbara Nixon is both a public relations professor and PhD candidate at Georgia Southern University.
  6. @MarketingProfs: Ann Hadley heads up the marketing education content on Marketing Profs.
  7. @mweller: Martin Weller: Martin Weller is an Open University professor, focusing on education, technology, and more.
  8. @berniedodge: Learn more about educational technology from Bernie Dodge’s Twitter timeline.
  9. @AllergyNotes: Here you’ll read about allergies from Ves Dimov, MD, a board-certified Internist, Allergy and Immunology Fellow, former Cleveland Clinic Assistant Professor of Medicine, and NEJM Advisory Panel member.
  10. @tp_da: Thomas Pleil teaches PR at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.
  11. @coolcatteacher: Vicki Davis is a teacher, blogger, technology geek, and mother.
  12. @courosa: Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology at the University of Regina.
  13. @jayrosen_nyu: Jay Rosen teaches journalism at NYU.
  14. @metromediaqueen: If you’re interested in Photoshop, graphic design, arts, or video production, check out Tricia Thomas.
  15. @hmason: On Hilary Mason’s Twitter stream, you’ll read about new media and computer science, specifically web applications, virtual worlds, and data mining.
  16. @Justale: Check out Alessandra Tussi’s tweets to learn about marketing, productivity, and teleworking.
  17. @stevekatz: Steve Katz is a Director of Educational Technology.
  18. @vargasl: Lauren Vargas is a marketing communications professor at Northwood University.
  19. @hermida: Alfred Hermida leads the integrated journalism program at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia, focusing on new styles of narrative.
  20. @jonbecker: Read Jonathan Becker’s tweets to learn about educational leadership, technology, and more.
  21. @designmeme: Stuart Robertson is a faculty member in the Media Studies department at the University of Guelph-Humber.
  22. @patricstrother: Patrick Strother is an adjunct professor of advertising and public relations at University of Minnesota’s journalism school.
  23. @billgx: Kansas State University professor Bill Genereux discusses computers and digital media.
  24. @rmack: Rebecca MacKinnon is on leave as an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong’s Journalism and Media Studies Center, and is currently an Open Society Fellow working on a book about Internet freedom.
  25. @paulawhite: Paula White is a teacher that supports gifted resources and more.
  26. @paulbradshaw: Learn about online journalism and web design from Paul Bradshaw, a lecturer at Birmingham City University.
  27. @billso: William Sodeman is an associate professor of information systems in the College of Professional Studies at Hawaii Pacific University, teaching courses in MSIS, MBA, and Executive MBA programs.
  28. @jimmacmillan: Jim MacMillan boasts an impressive educational resume, as a fellow, seminar leader, professor, and more at various Universities.
  29. @elemitrt: Check out Tina Coffey’s tweets to learn about Instructional technology resources.
  30. @doctorious: Matthew Gilbert offers an education in business communication, English, and IT.

Resources & Support

Find great resources for education by checking out these Tweeters.

  1. @dannynic: Danny Nicholson discusses education, Whiteboard, science, and more.
  2. @donorschoose: Donors Choose is a nonprofit that offers funding to public schools.
  3. @pbsteachers: Check out PBS Teachers, and you’ll find resources and professional development for grade school educators.
  4. @edventures: John Martin is a technology architect for higher education.
  5. @alicebarr: Check out Alice Barr on Twitter to learn about instructional technology.
  6. @josiefraser: Follow Josie Fraser to learn about educational and social technology as well as digital literacy.
  7. @CollegeBloggers: The College Blog Network works to make it easier for college students, faculty, and alumni bloggers to connect.
  8. @digidirections: Digital Directions follows trends and advice for K-12 technology leaders.
  9. @maggiev: Maggie Verster shares the journey of using ICT and web 2.0 tools in the classroom.
  10. @higheredu: Higher Edu works to get colleges and universities on Twitter.
  11. @TheCollegeGrad: Get tuned in to an entry level job board for collegians here.
  12. @eduguru: Follow edguru to learn about Internet marketing and web development for higher education.
  13. @upromise: Get the scoop on tips, deals, and savings through Upromise.
  14. @PBSTeachersinSL: Find standards and research-based educational resources from this Tweeter.
  15. @educationweek: Read tweets from Education Week to find news about American education.
  16. @Communiversity: Communiversity offers a look into the latest in college life.
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